DIMM matches the break on the socket. Page 15 module. I am Indian myself living in Atlanta, I know how this stuff works Sorry, I don’t know your experience level. Powered with ill-gotten helium. Contact Tmod , he can sell you a bios chip pre-programmed with any bios version you want.

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Those guys have to go by the screen prompts in their knowledge base just like every other tech support x7n8x. Let the computer sit for a couple minutes.

OEM HP Compaq ASUS Desktop Motherboard A7n8x-la Socket a Pga W/ I/o Shield | eBay

Not sure about this one, the path you’re on of finding an original first is prolly the smart play. Sorry, I don’t know your experience level. Been on the phone with Compaq, Hp etc and they are all idiots as I know more than them, or should i refrase that as they had me stripping my machine whilst paying for the calls and problem not sorted.

No, Indian tech support guys are not idiots, but HP outsourced their tech x7n8x to India, so we do know the guy on the other end was Indian. Dec edited Dec DIMM matches the break on the socket.


What’s with the Expo thread already? Can they keep that speed with a FSB?

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Motherboard Specifications, A7N8X-LA (Focus)

I called bellsouth as my connection went down and they blame it on the security system in my apartment Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try to extract a copy of your bios and see if there’s any way we can unhide some of the stuff like fsb speed and memory timings, but I haven’t ever really checked into an oem bios before. Oct edited Oct Remove the CMOS ls. Sorry to go off topic, but I had to get this off my chest Use a 3-pin audio cable to connect the microphone jack to this connector.

Don’t have an account? Doing so will damage the motherboard! Just in case you haven’t already: I was just trying to find the same info as you. And he said ‘pick one. Aug edited Aug Page of 18 Go. ON mode for more than 4 seconds turns the system OFF. If something goes wrong just send it back to the manufactuer.


ASUS A7n8x-la W/ AMD Athlon RAM 512mb Motherboard

And you are calling Indian tech’s stupid? Buy a halfway decent motherboard. This is the link to the Asus forum there.

There’s quite an easy solution to this, you know. Page 15 module. If so, with what?

Or is it preoccupied? Try to access BIOS.

I just updated to 3. I remember trying the nTune utility when first available; since the IGP-based MB isn’t supposed to be able to handle memory above DDR, my system locked up as soon as I bumped the clock.