You can support this site. I have been told that it is risky to try to solder replacement ones on the motherboard because it is easy to fry the board. If there is an obvious blockage, such as a crumb or piece of dirt, remove it using tweezers. Pry the power button panel up at the join between the panel and the keyboard. Acer Aspire is a popular range of laptops.

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I feel that if I replace the memory and hats drive it should work like a new 5157. How do I go about getting to the port to replace it? Open the laptop and push the screen back to its full extension.

I was told to check to see if it is the battery, by taking the battery out and aspore trying to start the computer. I let my computer fall about 2 meters high and the hinge covers broke, but i did not know how to dismantle the keyboard, to take the hinge covers apart without breaking them… even tough 1 broke. Does any one knows if I should change the fan or is this is something will never get fix? The laptop will not run with the battery removed.

Carefully lift up the power button cover with a sharp object as it shown on wspire following picture. I also cleaned the fan. The Acer Aspireas well as some other Acer laptops, is really a poorly made computer.


It is easy to fix the keyboard if the sensor under the key still works when pressed. The brown piece MUST stay attached to the white base.

I started keyboarx apart my Acer Aspire laptop in an attempt to reach the mother board. Then I took off the battery and powered the computer using just the power cord and the computer worked for 3 days and nights stray without turning off. Nice job you are doing in here. There is a cone-shaped rubber spring piece under the key that may be missing or damaged, but we include this piece with each replacement key kit.

You can start right from here. Purchase a replacement Acer Aspire keyboard from a local computer store, the Acer website or a registered Acer parts dealer. I guess it is time to change the fan inside. I found Acer 55517 service manual here.

How to Fix an Acer Aspire 5517 Keyboard

Thanks for the prompt service! I took off all of the screws off of the back, but something is still keeping me from removing the back. Put your finger underneath the top left corner of the key. Unplug the computer from the wall outlet and power it down.

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In order to remove the memory module, carefully spread latches on both sides and when the memory module pops up at a 30 degree angle, pull it from the slot. Machina Electronics specializes in laptop and notebook computer repair parts. Simply remove four screws securing the caddy two screws on each acef and transfer the caddy to the new HDD. Thank you so much for this helpful images.


Each Acer key from Machina Electronics is an original key, and we guarantee it will perfectly match your Acer laptop keyboard. If your hinge is exposed, you can use that for comparison.

Acer Aspire Genuine Keyboard Vas2 | eBay

Point a strong light at the keyboard. I changed the power jack because it was broken and was giving the message of connect but not charging. Martha, I also had both ports break on my Acer Aspire If USB ports are physically broken, it would be necessary to desolder them from the motherboard and solder new keyboaed.

To put the key back on your keyboard, simply lay the key cap back on the hinge, make sure its centered, and gently push the key down until it snaps into place.

Check out our free keyboard repair tutorials using the Installation Guide link above to see how each kind of Acer key mechanism is attached.