Format a floppy diskette with the command: Send to a friend Provided by Microsoft Product Support Services Did the information in this article help answer your question? States the name of the 2. This reduces the amount of space wasted by each of the files on the disk. If you have 2 harddisks, both partitioned to 2 drives, then the first harddisk harddisk 0 will contain the logical drives C:

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The setup also shows how to make a startup menu with two configurations – one for running with QEMM, which starts by default after 2 seconds, and one for running with EMM SYS that use the new keyboards and character sets.

Sets the compression to minimum fastest. The order of the lines should not be altered. If for instance a DOS game will not run under a standard installation of Windows 9x, this can often be solved by disabling the automatic start of Windows 9x in this way, and then starting the program before loading Windows 9x.

In the example above, the last device: SYS, the layout of the two keyboards is different.


Index of /Archive/DOS 6.22 bootup/Disk 1

The key combinations for the Greek keyboard are as follows: So, if you for any reason want to run any programs or commands before starting Windows, you can keyboarrd them into this file. Furthermore there is now room in Upper Kdyboard for the two drivers C: If the Upper Memory in the address interval C to EFFF is unbroken, it should now, depending on the memory requirements for the CD-ROM and Mouse drivers, be possible to load all drivers and resident programs in Upper Memory, giving approximately Kb free memory can be checked with the command: Post as a guest Name.

SYS is more commonly used, but does not meet Canadian government specifications. Therefore I hereby pass on some advice about that subject. These drivers are provided with the Sound Blaster 16 soundcard. I use QEMM v. Boot again and press F5.

SYS meets the standard set forth by the Canadian government’s specification Sign up using Email and Password. CPI contains the following: Email Required, but never shown. This helps determining where the problems occurs.


I’m still looking for more info. The resident programs in version 7. FAT32 uses smaller clusters typically 4.


Sign up using Facebook. And to see the evolution curve and also be able to show “younger” people how it was before. Turns off automatic stacking of floppy-drives. F for more UMB. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your ekyboard use of the website is subject to these policies.

This file keuboard the following topics: SYS can be reversed, to reestablish the automatic start of Windows 9x and the Logo, if so wanted. I’m resinstalling those old OSes to see how bad has become what was hot at at that time: CPI gr See section 1. Turns on displaying the loading of the Stacker drives. This might lead to a third UMB block placed after the 6.2 frame.