Thumbs up, would get it again anytime! It is possible to create several write strategies for the same media, which can be useful if there is a quality difference among media with the same MID code. We received the bundled version of the drive, with no extra bezel or any accompanying software. The second rating between the is a normal average rating. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop.

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Have had very few problems with this unit.

Plextor PX-755A

Note here, that xvdr doing this, you void the warranty and so we strongly advise against it. GigaRec lets you change the recording capacity of a standard CD-R disc from 70 percent up to percent of its standard capacity.

About Privacy Contact Us. It is possible to create several write strategies for the same media, which can be useful if there is a quality difference among media with the same MID code.

PLEXTOR Px-755a 16x DVD Writer Dual Layer IDE Black

Click on the image below for a larger, more detailed view of the drive internals. SpeedRead enables the user to increase the read speed of the drive to the pz possible.

As already mentioned, the A came to our labs in its bundled version and ps the latest firmware installed, version 1. DVD Error Correction 5. CD Writing Quality – Plextools 8.


Link connection some standalone desktop dvd recorder supports this also but then it is usually to connect your DV camera to the recorder Rating The first rating is based on a weighted rank the true Bayesianit requires at least 5 votes to get a weighted rating. How to apply color correction using the Gradie This function offers to create dvr new write strategy for your blank media.

Plextor PXA DVD Writer – VideoHelp

Regardless, the retail package contains several software programs, both full and trial, as indicated in the table below. Comments posted by Banzai Plextor from Sweden, December 11, Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. The drive resumes the burn process after 75a5 drive write buffer is refilled.

Burns practically everything I throw at it. Q-Check PlexTools Professional software provides a suite of diagnostic tests for blank and recorded media. Using real-time monitoring of the write data, PoweRec can increase or decrease write power and speed to guarantee the best possible writing quality with whatever brand media is used.

For smaller projects, like an audio master, the evdr enables you to use the entire capacity of the disc, increasing the size of the pits and lands for higher reproductive quality. Very good burner, no coast, very 75a5, superb writer. After this speed it will not increase anymore. Plextor recommends examining each disc before enabling this function.


Rated this writer 10 of How ;x record anything on your screen using th More information about text formats. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This technology is excellent for recording studios or offices where low noise is required. I just wish I bought more of the trusthworty A when you could get them.

The default level reflects an optimized laser power setting with reduced jitter. Note that the PowerRec function can be disabled. The drive will “re-record” over the Lead-in and data sectors of a write once disc rendering the disc data unusable. CD Writing Tests 7.

Very very good writer. The feature allows you to get that extra storage on a single disc for a larger project. We compared the drive’s results reading-writing times with the results of two other latest release drives with similar specs and performance, the LiteOn s and the BenQ