Interested in Custom Products from Elo? EloVA may be run in either landscape or portrait mode. Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The Control Panel application allows configuration of the driver to suit application programs and presents system and diagnostic information to the user. This is your last opportunity to change your COM port selection before the driver files are installed. Only the 3-point calibration can be stored on the Touch monitor; The enhanced, point calibration cannot be stored on the Touch monitor. Alignment must be done in instances shown on the General tab.

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If your User Access Control Service UAC is started then you will have elk confirm the installation of the driver and run the setup with administrative rights. Use the Back button s to change any of the selections you previously made.

Download and install Elo TouchSystems Elo TouchSystems APR Controller – driver id

Press the Esc key on the keyboard to terminate or skip calibration for any monitor, or allow the program to time out as indicated by the progress bar reaching maximum.

In most cases you can install from the TouchTools CD, but the most current drivers are always on the Elo web site. The right click delay allows the users to perform other touchscreen operations touchsysstems. You will then be asked to touch various points on the screen to verify that the cursor appears at the position touched. Drivers for both bit and bit touchsysteme of these operating systems are included in the driver package and is automatically selected based on OS type.


This tab only appears for Carroll Touch screens and It continuously monitors the health of the IR beams and reports any problems. Shutdown and restart your PC and enjoy the new driver, as you can see it was quite smple. The driver files are installed when the Setup Complete screen appears. Single monitor, serial controller Run the self-extracting zip file to unzip the files, using the Run EloSetup option EloSetup will launch.

The Identify Monitor button will display the Elo logo on the monitor associated with this Properties page for about one second each time this button is touchsysttems. The software displays the current sensitivity setting.

The APR driver automatically detects the appropriate controller for installation. Via the Elo Control Panel application by selecting the Properties tab for the individual monitor and clicking the alignment program icon. The green progress bar starts. Selections or changes to the settings in this touchshstems take effect when toichsystems “Apply” button is clicked. It may take up to 4 minutes to install all files. This is your last opportunity to change your COM port selection before the driver files are installed.

Files are copied on the touch controller. Video alignment or calibration as it is also called ensures that the mouse cursor appears at the position of touch.

By clicking the Elo icon in the window task bar at the bottom right of the touchsystens and selecting the video alignment option from the dialog list. Click Next to select English as the default language. Enables or disables beam health monitoring.


If one of the monitors is not a touchmonitor, Press the Esc key on the keyboard and the alignment program will advance to the next monitor, or wait until the program times out as indicated by completion of the progress bar.

The About tab provides the version of the Control Panel and also provides links to:. Get the perfect match for your driver More than 5 million happy users. If there are more than one touchmonitors connected then other monitors will also appear in the Control Panel as Properties 1, Properties 2, etc. The EloSetup program for this driver may also be run as an attended or unattended program from a command line, batch file, etc. If checked, it enables this feature for this screen, otherwise, it is disabled.

Elo TouchSystems APR 7000 Rev. G Drivers

Properties 1, Properties 2 are the controllers installed. Multiple monitors, USB controllers.

Factory calibration should be used regardless, since as factory calibration is more accurate than user calibration. Check Calibrate Elo Touchscreen monitor box if not already done. If your User Access Control Service UAC is running then you will have to confirm the installation of the driver and run the setup with administrative rights. This section will explain the most common ways that the driver apf installed.

The video alignment program may be launched seven different ways:.