Main classes for the Hsqldb tools org. This guide covers the database engine features, SQL syntax and different modes of operation. Databases are not closed when the last connection to the database is explicitly closed via JDBC. DatabaseMetaData object is used to get metadata for the database. Versions released in recent years have enhanced reliability and performance.

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To run an HTTP server, replace the main class for the server in the example command line above with the following:.

An additional jar, sqltool. The group was formed in and has released several major new versions of the database over the years. These modes allow a high degree of compatibility with several other database systems which use non-standard SQL syntax.

Connection object also has some methods for transaction control. These include table spaces for disk-based tables, more compatibility functions and improved SQL routine support.

HSQLDB JDBC Driver and URL Information

The database file path is specified using an application server property. See the list of features in version 2. The script file contains the definition of tables and other database objects, plus the data for non-cached tables. Statement can be reused to execute a different statement each time.

The latest versions are extremely stable and reliable. There are three server modes, based on the protocol used for communications between the client and server. In-Process Access to Database Catalogs. This is the preferred way of running a database server and the fastest one. When a tool is up and running, you can connect to a database may be a new database and use SQL commands to access and modify the data.

  DP2310 XP X64 DRIVER

Download hsqldb-2.2.8.jar : hsqldb « h « Jar File Download

Statement object is used to execute queries and data change statements. PreparedStatement is much faster than using a java.

The server can also act as a small general-purpose web server for static pages. The database performance test jdvc PolePosition compares the performance of relational and object databases for storing objects. For most applications, in-process access is faster, as the data is not converted and sent over the network.

These databases do not have any files. HyperSQL can provide database access within the user’s application process, within an application server, or as a separate server process. It is used when a servlet ndbc or application server such as Tomcat or Resin provides access to the database. The first time in-process connection is made to a database, some general data structures are initialised and a few helper threads are started.

Databases are not closed when the last connection to the database is explicitly closed via JDBC. Both the username and password are case-sensitive. The catalog files are then saved in a form that can be opened quickly the next time the catalog is opened.


HSQLDB JDBC Driver and URL Information

Paths and database names for file databases are treated as case-sensitive when the database is created or the first connection is made to the database. A server can provide connections gsql more than one database.

Several different programs can connect to the server and retrieve or update information. The database engine runs in a JVM and opens one or more in-process catalogs.

JDBC Drivers for HSQLDB – DbVisualizer

For example, if the file: Otherwise with abnormal shutdown this file is used at the next startup to redo the changes. This command rewrites the. When the engine closes the database at a shutdown, it creates temporary files with the extension. HyperSQL can run entirely in memory using dedicated fast memory structures as opposed to ram disk.