The vacancy by Peter Teunissen. With focusing and 16 bit, dpi and full frame, my MHz computer can stretch one image to nearly 5 minutes. Your best bet would be to set up an ebay search notification so that when one is listed you get an email with the details. There is an Auto Correction button there, which can modify the processing with the option choices at right. Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Super old f2.

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Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Scanner

It comes with two 35 mm film csan, for a filmstrip of six frames, and for four mounted slides. Cheap student apartments consisting of stacked containers. I also used the 2x teleconverter. If you have an interest in what I was carrying here it is: The stepping motors are loud along with a scanner door that is stiff I may have to remove the door to clean and oil it!

Natural born victim by Peter Teunissen. Ii Preview image shows the effect of settings too. It’s basically fried batter filled with raisins and served with powdered sugar.


Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II photos on Flickr | Flickr

This is the tennis club ‘Sloterplas’ in Amsterdam West. The subject was on a not always visible black velvet background.

Hence all the lamp pics. From left to right: November 18, at The vacancy by Peter Teunissen. Shoot from the Hip by flipperkoning. Arduino The information age. When I looked closer I noticed some writing on the image of the woman which reads:.

This neighbourhood is very multicultural, but no sign of that here, behind the shrubs The statue is one of two dogs sitting on each side of an overpass cutting the park in two halves. You can rotate selected frames upright, or mirror flip them, or reverse their order for APS cameras that wind backwards. The software can output 8 or 16 bit data 12 bit data in 16 dimaage words as usual or 16 bit linear uncorrected data.

xcan Not the right developer but you can go with it. Another winter scene in the park. On the other hand the film and slide adapters, although plastic, feel strong enough.

The scqn resolution shows here that dpi printing resolution will scale the 35 mm image to The gist of life by Peter Teunissen. There are even eyedroppers.


Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Scanner | eBay

The “Input” resolution is for the final scan, and the “Output” resolution field sets the scaled printing resolution. Lighting was with a close softboxed SB and a dimave grided SB26 at full zoom. The dog by Peter Teunissen.

Information on this website may not be reproduced for use within an educational course with the exception of citation. Two Cactus Flowers April by nbg Hope this helps Jim. I also lifted the center of the curve slightly higher to increase brightness gamma. I’m surprised at the amount of colour that can be recovered, and there are clear limitations to working with year-old slide film. This is normally my own preference instead of the Auto button. Plan on 2 or 3 minutes overall for each scan.