Can one test POST without a monitor? From the user name I assume the poster is located in South Africa. Correcting the cable fixed the functioning of the drive. If one of the two data cable’s connectors is plugged in backwards, if there is nothing else wrong, the led on the front of the floppy drive will be on all the time the computer is running, even when it has no floppy disk in it you probably do not presently have that problem, because the floppy drive is showing up in Windows. Only one stick was inserted because that’s all I got with the computer the other slot is empty. There are never any zeros or ones or lower case Ls or capital i’s in the Product Key. I believe they will run without the use of a hard drive, although I haven’t actually tried that.

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Look at both links below for more on the chipset and the link to the application accelerator. Another common thing is for the data cable to be separated from the connector contacts a bit after you have removed a cable – there should be no gap between the data cable and the connector – if there is press the cable against the connector to eliminate the gap. You can get the “Please insert a disk into drive A” message in Windows after you insert a floppy disk in it and try to access the floppy drive – if the computer has an older bios version and the floppy drive has not actually been detected – if the floppy drive is actually being detected but there’s something wrong with the data cable connection, or there’s something wrong with the drive’s board.


MSI Ms-6714 Ver 5 Socket 478 Motherboard Backplate Included

I’m not sure why – perhaps because binary numbering starts with zero, not 1. In response to 94 above: Quoted from your post I got the following message: You can’t tell what is happening without a monitor. In older bioses it’s size and parameters cylinders, heads, etc. I will js-6714 to keep this thread as short as possible. Unfortunately, your Seagate hard drive has failed an important diagnostic test, possibly caused by problem sectors which are difficult to read.


I found the jumper placement diagram on the paper label on the top of the drive: It is easy to test for incompatible ram that has caused your mboard to fail to boot.

MSI MS 6714 Ver 5, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

If there are or more errors, then there is no point in trying to zero fill ms–6714 drive, because the drive will probably develop more errors rapidly. I am unable at present to create a ms6-714 disk because my MS computer that is connected to the net, informs me to insert a floppy disk while I have already inserted a floppy disk into the floppy drive, so I don’t know whether the floppy drive is faulty or not I have never had the need to use this drive since I got this computerand I am not in the mood to figure it out now either.

To use a legacy S-Video cable male – 4 pins on both ends you plug it directly into the 7 pin hole connector; ms-614 – to use a RCA cable male on both ends you use a standard legacy S-Video male 4 pins to RCA female adapter in the 7 pin hole “S-Video” port You use one or the other – S-Video or composite ms6714 RCA cable connection A S-Video connection yields slightly better video than a Composite video connection.

I was shown the following information with ms-67714 DOS session: If you find they don’t have enough capacity for your needs, you can use a free program available on the same web site as a larger hard drive’s brand to copy the entire data contents of a hard drive to a larger hard drive. That usually doesn’t indicate a problem.

Thanks for your reply. If there happens to be a card reader in a bay disconnect it.


Support For GEM | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

I have concluded that someone connected the power connector the wrong way around and fried it, because compared to the functional floppy drive, half of the shroud was gone, and the pins were not level with one another and not straight up, but each one was in a different direction and all at a slight angle upwards, so that when I connected the power connector to it the correct way aroundthe connector stood at a slight angle and was easy to wiggle up and down.

I don’t have a 6. Thanks for also answering all my other questions, and for providing more information. What are my chances of loosing my personal data not the OS on the 40GB drive if I remove it from my current Look at the link below for more on that.

Correcting the cable fixed the functioning of the drive. Do you hear any beeps when you start the computer? I need to first review the information you posted me concerning this, and research and learn a few more things on the net. Cylinder Number of cylinders.

Elsewhere in the BIOS settings there may be an option to ignore the floppy drive on boot up. Sometimes they’re rated in gbps. Right now when you boot to the BIOS is the hard drive being configured as 6.

Microsoft has lists of Product Keys they know have been used illegitimately – either the Product Key has been reported to them, or it’s one known to them because it’s commonly suggested as one to use on, or in the info along with, illegal Windows CDs or DVDs.

Thank you for your time and for all the other information.