A second method of detection involves the analysis of the time of flight of the emitted RF pulse. A battery backed real time system clock on DCC supports an accurate date and time stamp function. Facility number field indicates the number assigned to the facility to which the options on this screen apply. Additionally, the called party may be asked to provide a PIN to be used for future authentication. Pre-recorded voice prompts instruct the user how to place the call and announce the call to the called party, providing identification of caller and location of call. SIC converts the 32 balanced ohm two wire line circuits into 32 individual single wire two-way voice busses. A line interface circuit provides loop control and transmission battery feed.

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The invention also includes steps to prevent the same access code from being used at different terminals. Multiqueue NICs provide multiple transmit and receive queuesallowing packets received by the NIC to be assigned to care of its receive queues. This detection is performed through voice authentication of either the called party, of the inmate, or of both sides of the conversation with stored voiceprints each time a user places a call e.

Therefore, communication systems implemented in penal institutions or similar facilities must meet greater security requirements often mandated by regulatory bodies affiliated with the county, state, or federal institution.

Specifically, it is known in the art to block an inmate or group of inmates from dialing certain telephone numbers.

Reset then causes the subsystem to re-initialize and return to a normal in-service state. It is preferred that central site server also stores the digitized audio used for voice prompts as well as each user’s call restrictions, PIN, biometric verification data, etc.

Network interface controller

Alternatively, a user may enter information etherjet to a debit card in any of a number of known procedures followed by a PIN. An initial profile is created by both utterances spoken by a user and non-acoustic information, such as keying in a user’s customer number or social security number.


Similarly, facility code field contains a three-character designation automatically assigned to each facility. Other ethednet, such as the number of calls allowed, call minutes allowed, or restriction to specific forms of call payment may be specified. The six-module version supports four analog port interfaces per module.

However, most active systems have a relatively short battery life and require constant recharging. Digital voice files are preferably stored on hard disk of digital subsystem controller cardalthough the digital voice files may be stored anywhere accessible to the system, whether local or remote.

Although it is preferred in the present embodiment that audio recorder is digital, it is foreseeable that other known types of recording devices, as well as those not yet contemplated, may be employed in accordance with the teachings of the present invention. Yet another objective of the present invention is providing called parties with the option of rejecting the call and blocking similar calls in the future.

A s Ethernet network interface controller that connects to the motherboard via the now-obsolete ISA bus. If a WAN configuration is being used, such restrictions can be set for each institution on the network or for the entire telephone network.

Connect relay controls the seizure and the release of the associated CPC port The user can be required to have in the user’s possession some type of radio frequency identification technology to access the telephone system. Based on call type and the user data profile, different voice prompt menus may be selected according to the user’s preferred language and other like options.

Another object of the present invention is to provide an improved call management system using a user-friendly operating system. In the auto attendant mode, interactive voice prompts will interface to the user and guide the user through the calling process, possibly asking for biometric authentication, and providing a means to interface the user entered data to the call system.


NIC (Network Interface Card) Definition

The system may contact the operator utilizing telephone means, paging means, etc. One objective of the present invention is to provide an efficient and reliable user identification system using biometric identification means.

Other serial COM ports include one port dedicated for CSC communications and a second COM port dedicated for communications with the system concentrator communication card.

Live monitoring requires an operator or other individual to listen to each telephone call and alert the proper authorities if necessary. If the data 21com in compliance with the information in the database to within some pre-assigned statistical threshold, the system would allow the call to proceed, and a connection would be made.

What is NIC (Network Interface Card)?

A passive RF device works by emitting a pulse only when activated by some other emitted pulse. An isolation transformer connects the inmate audio to the monitor OUT and speaker jack.

However, numerous other call-recording systems in accordance with the concepts and objectives of the present invention may be incorporated. For example, it is preferred that a minimum of two CPCs are utilized as a fault protection. Each analog interface port contains electrostatic discharge circuits to filter out sharp high voltage transients. Configuration data may be site specific. Specifically, in a prison environment, the warden may have access to modify all features within the system whereas a guard may only be able to change user profiles in his own cellblock.

Another object of the present invention is to incorporate an active RF device for use in authentication in a call management system. To access the system, a user dials a special number and inputs a user-specific code for verification followed by the number of the party to be called.