Getting started with SQL Server https: You can’t post or upload images. Let us inspect the Clustered Index Leaf Page i. Query Optimizer , Trace Flags , Undocumented. April 23, at 7: Thanks, Bhupinder Sachdeva Bhupinder Sachdeva.

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You can’t post or upload images.

You can use these trace flags to get information from commands to display it in console or to print in errorlog. I was just searching some trace related articles and gone through your article. Since last week, I am gathering details about the SQL Clustered Index will always will have the Index Id as 1.

trace flag 3604

Currently he is working in Insurance domain. Trace flag is used to redirect the output of some DBCC commands to the result window.

You can’t delete your own posts. Note this is the same database and table which is created in the previous articleif you already have this database no-need to re-create it.


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So, records on the page are not sorted but the slot array values are stored in the sorted order as per the Clustered Index Key Column value. And the leaf level page type will be data page, as it is a Clustered Index contains.

This has saved me vast amounts of head-scratching Monday, October 21, 3: Are you using any 3rd part monitoring tools? Amit Singh Posted 9 years ago In the case here the initial tree is itself incorrect. May 1, at 8: Beginners just getting started – here’s the place for help with simple questions. Sercer two commands will not print anything unless or until you enable any one of these trace flags.

trace flag – MSSQLTREK

Are there any trace flags that cover earlier trees? Gail Shaw Microsoft Certified Master: You can’t post events.

This is the id of the page which we are inspecting. For clustered Index common assumption is that, data is stored physically in the sorted order as per the clustered index key column value.


You mean to say that someone from application is running it and sending the trace slq to the client? November 11, at 7: Sign in to vote.


Enter your email address to subscribe to our blog content Delivered by FeedBurner. The above image is the also shows the content of the Clustered Index Root Page: For the first parameter we can pass either the Database Id or Database Name. Index Id for the Heap Table is 0.

SQL Server — Strange things do happen, but why are they allowed in the first place? November 17, November 29th,