The Execute Lambda Scan Function Dfb Laser Sources Common Status Information The simplest thing to do is just attach it GPIB cable. Introduction To Programming Laser Safety Information N node Execution element of a block diagram, such as a function, structure, or subvi.

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Table 18 Overview For Supported Strings Agilent probably has a recomendation.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 8163A

Gpib Error Strings Notice that Initialize is called first, followed by the commands to send to the instrument in 8163bb Application Example VI. Figure 16 Fp Conversion Options Box This channel measures temperature from zero to degrees Fahrenheit, mapped from the zero to one volt range of the sensor. Create another labvoew branch from the branch created in the previous step. Most Active Software Boards: To access the pop-up menu, right-click the toggle switch on the Macintosh, command-click the toggle switch.


The random number function executes, so the output now appears in the probe. If you did not receive this exam in a sealed More information. Table of contents Safety Considerations How To Clean Connector Adapters Root Layer Command Using the Labeling tool, highlight the chart label and change the label to Temperature Chart.

You can select the type of sensor in the drop-down list box.

How To Use Visa Calls Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench. Return Loss Meters Part I The objective of this first lab is to provide an initial hands-on experience in building a VI.

In the file dialog box, enter a name such as data.

See last weeks handout. Viewing The Calibration Values This interface collects user input and displays program output. Equally Spaced Datapoints Terminals 863b the front panel. Table 10 Incompatible Gpib Bus Commands The Execute Lambda Scan Function The use of the computer or any reference materials is NOT allowed during the exam.


Agilent Technologies B Manuals

Start display at page:. Triggering – The Trigger Subsystem Slot And Channel Numbers The Random Number function now flashes.

Click the Run button on the toolbar to run the VI. Run the VI from the block diagram window. Agilent b Lightwave Measurement System Release Date Version Version Description 4.