Washington Omega electronic Sales, Inc. Sales Contac Dr. Our commitment to performance and reliability is the reason more and more successful OEMs are depend- ing on Central Data as their complete Multibus source. Spectacular speed We can provide you with the fastest board available today. Optional interrupt and hand shaking manual included with example applications. Includes ZX interrupt control panel. Supports 20 or bit Multibus addressing.

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Interlace o Smart two board set”, text and graphics, 8 colors expandable to colors. Power dissipation this low hair that of many other memory boards keeps power supply and cooling requirements to a minimum. For commercial uses such as im- age processing financial analysis, computer aided design and geo- physical analysis. Above specifications taken from current anirech data. To save system bus bandwidth and ex- pand anigech with large memory sizes, the new processor board and memory could be designed with iLBX II bus interfaces.

Two serial ports, industrial burn-in; superset Intel A. Santa C3 entatives: Earth City Intel Corp. Box Woburn, MA Applications Plus The ModulasTen M68K10 is the low- cost based single-board com- puter for communications, process control, data analysis, lab and medical, ATE and other system applications.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

Cedar Rapids Intel Corp. Intel Corporation assumes no responsibility for the use of any circuitry other than circuitry embodied in an Intel pro- duct.

Four RS auto-dialer channels. Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. The capacity has doubled, but the price remains the same.

Will do gang programming. It simply outperforms any other high capacity Multibus disk controller. It supports up to 16 devices, both 8- and bit and provides 16 megabyte memory or register address space per device. And it plugs into most sockets. Optional 48K, 32K and 16K versions. Includes intelligent controller pro- viding high-level command set, making it easy to zx90 software drivers.

For instance, Multibus vendors means competition, and competition encourages competitive, low prices. On-board data separator, Shugart SA host interface. Consult factory for other 18 2 8 10 or 2.

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Eice Utilizes Intel Marietta MI Infinity Inc. Multibus I users can upgrade to the Multibus 2.


Optional custom labeled panel. And a floppy drive interface that can control two 1 Mb floppy drives. Designed for multi- axis robotic controller in closed loop servo systems. We’ll be there, with hardware and software support.

Full text of “The Multibus Buyers Guide Winter84OCR”

Complete voic up to 45 i synthesizer capable of producing natural life-like speech quality; large vocabulary storage; iKbits,- anietch to seconds of speech. Further- system design is often design wins that lead sales of more costly Multibus II Serial System ow-cost implementation of the message-passing facility anitecg the Parallel System Bus with complete soft- ware compatibility.

Has on-board self- test, automatic printer configuration and long lines option. And they all fit nicely into a 19″ rack because each system is cjmly 5 X A” high.

Plated-thru holes, gold finger tabs on FR-4 glass epoxy.