Sometimes it may seem better how you are Escaping from reality, from poverty and war You have seen your country, invaded and possessed They treat you and your countrymen, worse than all these guests. Turning racial profiling inside out, Skrewdriver maintains that the police unfairly treat skinheads based on their appearance. I’ll give you promises, I’ll promise luxury I’ll promise you all everything, if you just vote for me, now chorus spoken: Paid for treason, against their own The stink of traitors always lingers on When we rise it’s their turn to hide We’ll smell their fear when it’s time to die. Once our nation’s future, was decided by the sane And now a poison’s leaking in, and coursing through our nation’s veins Now this poisoner worships gold, and don’t care for you and me It’s using veils and cunning words to make us blind so we can’t see. Everybody gets the, gets the blues some time Everybody gets the, gets the blues some time And the government listens to everybody’s, ‘cept mine. Will you always be like this, apathetic and in chains?

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I’ll tell you at the moment you’re a dreadful waste of time. I’m anti-social An-ti-so-cial An-ti-so-cial. I don’t like you I don’t like you I don’t like you anymore !

The sands of time are running out for this land It’s time the people stood and raised their hands It’s time we drove out the traitors that we can see Now is the time this nation should be free, free my land. We’ll stand and fight the rot Fight for the hopes we have got We will stand, we won’t run away And you will thank us on a future day.

Think back to your forefathers, think back upon great times European courage, victory,????? And a hungry young boy with a runny nose plays out in the street as a cold wind blows In the ghettos White ghettos Just black and white So he has to roam the street at night and he learns White Pride and he learns how to fight In the ghettos White ghettos And then one night in desperation, the young man breaks away He buys a gun and drives his car, he orders his life but he dot get far, and his mother cries.

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The post-imperial, multicultural society into which Britain had evolved by the s features prominently in many Skrewdriver rhe, and the philosophy is clear: You can’t go home ’cause they’ll see that you have failed Can’t afford much food and you’re looking pale. There’s job to be done now Don’t back down from the coming fight We’re gonna lighten our akrewdriver now And drag us back from the endless night. These traits were amended along the way with others such as handicapper status, age, national origin, religion and addiction status.


History books are written by liars, it’s not often that you read you’re true If they don’t want you to know about something, they keep the facts from you Some now say that Marx was great, and communism’s good What they don’t tell is kinbs Marx is in Hell and his flag is drenched in blood.

Skrewdriver – Blood Of The Kings lyrics

Looking back at the entire catalog of 15 albums and over songs, one begins to wonder what happened to Skrewdriver and why they are not on the front page of the newspaper today, skrewrdiver in on the Iraq War, Islamic Fundamentalism, social welfare, crime and all the other issues anymore.

I ain’t got no money or a set of wheels It’s such a drag Lookin’ at the posers and their flashy cars I’m just walkin’ round Their gonna??????? Lyrisc you hear my mind?

Do you remember in the summer, back in ?

I don’t like papers and reading books Gettin’ bored now, thinkin’ it sucks I don’t wanna listen to another word I’m so bleedin’ bored. Once again, another nation going down Yeah another country, is left to drown In Croatia the people fight against another Red Army But our government is to busy shaking hands, with the murdering ANC.

Fhe summer was coming, I was out in the fields Well then I heard a guitar playing, loud and clear I saw an old man, he sat, by a tree He said ‘come and listen to me son ,ings, come listen to me’ He said “Hey boy, what does life mean to you?

Just another figure in a newspaper Just another bloodstain on the ground Just another victim of this once-great land Could you tell me when salvation will be found?

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They encourage such mixing, to us it is sickening Skrewdrver they say, for the Third World, we must provide bread Just for one occasion, let’s think of our own nations Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red Come on all you Whites, fight the threat that is Red. Only few men in history, achieve a lasting goal Standing firm against adversity, they reach your very soul The people stand behind these men, their off and minds are one They wanna share the destiny, until the job is done.


Tell me why you’re doing what you do Is it someone else now, or is it you? No more speed, I’m almost there Gotta keep cool now, gotta take care Life’s gotta a buzz now, here I go And the line of cars goes down real slow. This little piggy had a radio, to call up all his mates To plan their lies, to tell on oath, to try and seal your fate, yeah.

Well it’s the day of the boys dressed in blue.

And no one fhe asked us, exactly what we think No one ever asked us, exactly what we think As far as the powers are concerned They’ve let the country sink. Walking ’round the streets and wondering what to do???????? We are mother Europe’s sons And we, are the chosen ones We are mother Europe’s sons And if a fight’s worth fighting gonna carry on We are mother Europe’s sons And we are the chosen ones We are mother Europe’s sons And kinfs a fight’s worth fighting gonna carry on Freedom, thw freedom?

The hope is that these vanguard students move out into society and become public officials, teachers, managers and professionals who become force multipliers of conflict resolution, avoidance and especially, understanding. Gotta change our policies and hang the IRA Let the Army deal with them their way Corrupt politicians and sniveling left-wing scum Are quite content to let them get away Come on Tbe We don’t really know, it’s not easy to say What happens tomorrow, what happens today The wheel of fortune is a crazy thing And it can make you cry and it can make you sing.

There’s certain people around, who heed the eastern call, Skrewdrkver like to see our slaughter, like to see us fall We’ll here’s a message for you, coming straight from the heart It won’t be us who’s running, when the battle starts! There seems to be a lot of people going around Thinking that they’re something they’re not Trendy little Lefties playing at big boys Trying to put us on the spot.

And I don’t know just who they think they are And I don’t know just who they think they are And I don’t know just who they think they are And if they don’t watch out they’re gonna go too far.