The first approach is to simply chop out the data from the central pixels of the CCD array, and package it as its own file, pixel-for-pixel. Its flexibility and multimedia capability make it uniquely suited for web publishers, but we expect its true megapixel resolution will find it many print-based applications as well. In this category, we found the QV’s performance to be very good relative to other cameras on the market: Using night mode in the darkest surroundings produced images with a fair bit of sensor noise in them, though. Video Output Casio was one of the first companies to include video output capability on their cameras, a function that is now commonplace.

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We say “simulates,” because the end result is not the same, and it’s important to understand the difference.

Casio QVSX Reviews & Info | Digital Camera Resource Page

We can imagine some very interesting science projects growing out of this feature, although Mom or Dad may not be keen on having their camera tied up for a few weeks taking pictures of a seed sprouting! Look around the horizontal slats of the louver in the central gable to see if the artifact is visible, or at what image size it becomes so. The cmera are provided for Windows onnly. Thus, the 2-second setting on the QV’s self-timer can be very useful for night shooting.

You can toggle between 2x and 4x zoom modes though, via the top-panel “Zoom” button.

Bottom line, it’s a nice feature to have for those times you need it, and a worthwhile addition to digital cameras, as long as it comes more or less for free eg, adds little or nothing to the end-user cost of the camera. Economy 88k Normal k Fine k Super k We also shot the resolution target with the “Digital Zoom” enabled at both 2x k and 4x k settings.


Want to take better photos and videos? Using night mode in the darkest surroundings produced images with a fair bit of sensor noise in them, though. Most digital cameras include exposure compensation adjustments to let caera compensate for these conditions, requesting either more or less exposure than the automatic metering would select on its own.

Digital Cameras – Casio QVSX Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Take a look at the test images from the QVSX with extensive commentsor jump to the Comparometer tm page to compare its reference images digltal those from other digital cameras. You’ll want to use the Spin Panorama software included with the ‘ to assemble the separate images together into a single, super-wide picture on your computer.

This appears to be completely rectified in the QV, as evidenced by the very natural coloring in our indoor portrait shot taken with the caso enabled. When the shutter release is pressed from a “standing start” no pre-focusing or autoexposure performedthe total lag time until the picture is captured is at most 0. We found the automatic white balance to be quite effective at neutralizing colors, particularly if the scene contained at least some pure white object. The QVSX is a bit different than many cameras though, in that the focus lock doesn’t simultaneously lock the exposure as well.

Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all Sony Alpha mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera almost has it all by Eigital Grunin. To our eye, the 4x-mode images were far too pixelated and soft to be of much value. Self-Timer Mode Self-timer mode is indicated by a stopwatch icon. Light, inexpensive, bring-anywhere tripods are generally a bit rickety, particularly if used at full extension. When the “ISO equivalent” standard is defined, it will most likely take image noise levels into account, meaning that the Casio devices will probably have ISO ratings lower than the value of we calculated above.

At the opposite end of the scale, the camera seemed perfectly capable of capturing images of light-colored objects in full sun.


The white-on-white gauze is close to being blown out, but playing with “levels” in Photoshop or other image editors proves there’s actually a fair bit of detail there. While the digital tele really does no more than pre-crop the image area for you down to xwe felt it could be particularly useful for web publishers with macro needs. Lens System Lens Aperture.

Casio QV-5000SX – digital camera

The “future” mode operates as you’d expect: To review images more quickly, you can switch to a 4-up or 9-up index display via the “Menu” button. Overall, we found the QVSX’ “digital zoom” to be useful in the 2x mode, in which it is simply chopping out the central portion of the image.

With the QVSX, they have extended the photographic capabilities to include options found on only a few cameras to date November,such as spot metering! Movie Mode In “Movie” mode, the frames-remaining indicator changes to show the number of movies that may be recorded in the available memory.

Reasonable detail, very bright and open, excellent cast correction. This is especially useful when shooting macro subjects. Some elements will nonetheless stay the same, and we believe the shot will give at least a reasonable indication of optical performance at infinity. Flash charging happens after the prior image is stored to memory, adding to the picture-to-picture cycle time.

Some users and reviewers have complained that the icons used in the Casio user interface are overly cryptic, and hard to interpret. Data is taken from only the centermost x pixel area of the sensor array, and this data is then interpolated up to create a x pixel final file size.