WkDirName of property defining location of working directory. Unique key identifying the binary data. If there is more than one billboard corresponding to an action they will be shown in the order defined by this column. Application object ” Found suspicious keyword “Lib” which indicates: RemoveThe list of features to remove when uninstalling a product from this set.

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CustomActionPrimary key, name of action, normally appears in sequence table unless private use. An install level of 0 will disable an item and prevent its display. BBControlAttributesA bit word that specifies the attribute flags to be applied to this control. ValueThe value string associated with the item. N 5p0 X Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. G5Q[i Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. This link defines the tab order of the controls.

PatchSizeSize of patch in bytes long integer. Foreign key into Feature table.


Digital Video Recorder DVR – Samsung Communications Centre

Text used as registered name for driver, non-localizedDriverPrimary key, non-localized. V Ansi based on Dl-bz04 File pusetup. The patch header, used for patch validation. SignatureThe name of the file. Name of the style.

A named property to be tied to this item. Analysed 2 processes in total System Resource Monitor. Required foreign key into the Feature Table, specifying the feature to validate or install in order for the type library to be operational.

The value to be written. The visible text to be assigned to the item.

Name of the control. This may contain a “short name long name” pair. S3jzj Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup.

Visualization Input File PortEx. The install level at which record will be initially selected. ErrorInteger error number, ddl-bs04 from header file IError DestNameFilename to be given to the duplicate file. If multiple patterns exist, they must be delimited by a semicolon, and numeric subkeys will be generated: VersionMaxThe maximum ProductVersion of the products in this set.


DVR Recorder Security Solution

Name of a property whose value is assumed to resolve to the full pathname to the folder of the file to be removed. VolumeLabelThe label attributed to the volume.

O C Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. A Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup. RegPathThe key for the registry value. RemoveIniFile2;4The type of modification to be made, one of iifEnum. Rc jb9 Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup.

ServiceControlArgumentsArguments for the service. Q 6I Ansi based on Dropped File pusetup.