Without some more insight into your configuration I can’t really say what might be causing the problem. A bit of research directed me here and to an Experts-Exchange article http: This will confirm your NTFS allocation unit size. You may also want to run fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo x: So Windows won’t even recognize a device without drivers?

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hardware – RAID Array performance on an HP Proliant ML G5 Smart Array Ei – Server Fault

The controller has a cache board and a battery pack. Richard Slater 2, 2 24 It seems like it wants a folder with the driver files inside. Alright so the LEDs state that it is working on a command from the host driver. Tim Rosenquist 11 1. I was hopping I could just plug it in and BAM more storage! Or would it be a negligible performance increase by only upgrading the controller?

Better than on par? The Ei has notoriously poor performance, as documented by Lukas here and Ryan here. Good call, sorry for not including that in the first place. We have a client who is complaining about performance of an application which utilizes an MS SQL database. Add in a low end controller and things will not get better.


Post up the parameters for the tool you used for a better comparison. I’m not sure what they may be. So, I’ve got this HP Smart Array E Controller from a scavenged server and thought that is would work pretty well in my desktop since I have two and only need one for my server.

Drivers for Smart Array Ei Controller

I think it simply may not be compatible with a non hp server board. SteveBurkett 1, 4 6. It may be showing up as unknown as I do have two of those. They do not believe the performance issues are the fault of the application windoows. What is windoas proper StartingOffset? So, the first one I would think. It would appear the RAID 5 processor and write cache are troublesome components to this controller.

Smart Array E200i Controller Drivers

That’s why I wasn’t sure. Does the Smart Array Ei have a backup battery write cache installed?

They give me a single exe file. Even using the disable write cache option failed to provide acceptable performance.


Run the following command, and if the starting offset isit is misaligned. Is that possibly the issue? The parameters are in the link for the guide, I copied his batch file verbatim changing the drive letter of course. The array stripe size is set to 64k.

I can say that the card always windlws before the motherboard BIOS gave you the option to go to it. I do not immediately see it in device manager.

AFAIK is the slowest possible disk configuration. Hp requires a payment to even let me ask a damn question. I never used windowws when running linux.

The disk array set to enable write caching. Ill have to see about how to manually install a driver.