Missing Required Termcap Function cm in entry for dumb. In reply to CliffS:. Relativity and ODBC connections New to Relativity and not finding documentation on all the various dll files and drivers. I have no idea what you’re asking about here. What are pre-authorised licenses?

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I certainly hope you aren’t planning on installing the DLLs yourself.

Setup ODBC driver tracing – Visual COBOL Knowledge Base – Visual COBOL – Micro Focus Community

How to set the first program to run or debug in a Visual COBOL project containing multiple source files that compile to single executable target. Deploying a web service incurs ‘Invalid thread access’. Error Failed to write the updated manifest to the resource of file.

It has the ability to modify a Relativity catalog after installation at the End User site. OpenESQL database driver support.

The LogonUser and LogonAuth values are a valid Windows username and password that can be used to log in to mywindowsserver. Relativity Designer driver mkcrofocus the following dll files – obviously some of them are internal for compiling and creating the file layouts.


How to find the control with focus when a key is pressed on a Windows Form. How to package Dialog system screenset. Trim nulls from a.

A previous ODBC connector that we use required odbx use of a certain dll when doing connections from Visual Studio solutions and that was the main thing my co-worker was asking about. The project requires user input. Eclipse crashes when editing remote cobol source files outside of the IDE.

Increasing performance when using alternate keys in an indexed file. Is there a library routine available to find all files in folder which contain a specified string micfofocus the filename?

Setup ODBC driver tracing

What are pre-authorised licenses? At lot of this is described in the Release Notes. An improved vt terminfo source file for PuTTY. No worries Mike, I am not trying micrpfocus install any dll files. Specify a copyfile extension of none in Visual Studio How to make the main form in micgofocus WPF application invisible after showing a new form. Overlay multiple panels on a Windows Form using User Controls. Change the external names of my web service’s methods and parameters without changing the internal, COBOL, names.


Writing Programs using E-SQL API/ODBC Driver Library in Micro Focus COBOL

Very helpful thank you. Communication socket closed unexpectedly. Getting error “This application has failed to start because mfsqlsmf. Problem with WPF application loading Windows extremly slow. Print a text file using. Accept Cursor causes an coboo E Reserved word missing or incorrectly used.

UNIX terminal escape sequences. In reply to MikeS:.

Accessing ODBC Databases from Micro Focus COBOL by using the Server Express OpenESQL Interface

Problem getting RTS error “Program name not found” when calling managed subprogram in production. Dialog System Error 18 occurs when running deployed application.

Dialog System application fails with RTS on mfdir2.